Read Any Good Economics Books Lately?

Okay, so the other day a good friend of my at our Think Tank asks me if I had read any good economic books lately, not a question anyone would generally ask, after all, why would anyone go out of their way to read an economics book? Well, I am one, and the book I recommended to him, is one I would also recommend to you:

“Econopower: How a New Generation of Economists is Transforming the World” by Mark Skousen; Published by John Wiley and Son, Hoboken, NJ; 2008.

This book demonstrates how everything we see, buy, own, do and dream of is indeed governed by economics. Our decisions, our religions, or politics, is all about economics. Education, science, history, law and finance, he show evidence of the reality that economics is the way we do, whether it is about the individual, the leaders, societal changes or the movement of America at a national level. Even more interesting is the fact as the author shows that the US is exporting these ideas, the same ideas initiated by Adam Smith.

Health Care, Education and even crime all are governed by economic theory in one way or another, perhaps even without reading this book you can understand the similarities through a little thought and understanding. This author takes that and develops it into a deep and interesting researchical study of all we are, all we have built and all we think that we know.

And just to let you know this author is no dummy, he formerly was an analyst for the CIA, wrote for Forbes Magazine, past President of the FEE (foundation for economic education), he also has a PhD in economics from George Washington University. The man has credential

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